Limericks Looking For Love

Historically, poetry has only been written for two reasons. One reason is to get paid, the other is to get something that rhymes with “paid.” If you are not a face man and you do not have money, then you are forced to play the game with charm, wit and smoke and mirrors. That is where poetry comes into play. I have been amazed at how a little poetry can push the romance button, especially because I was married for twenty five years to a person who knows me better than anyone and benefited from my writing poetry to get paid. Whenever I would ask her if she wanted me to write her a love poem, she would respond with, “Save that bullshit for the paying customers.” That said, being that I am not a face man and do not have money, when I have been single, I have used poetry to close. And it has worked.

Here is a little limerick that always put a smile on a gal’s face.

I’m in like with you, I can’t fake it.
And there’s no way I can mistake it.
I constantly find
I have you on my mind….
And my darling, you’re not always naked!


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