Senior Sex

Now let’s move on to a more intimate issue that becomes more personal as we grow older – senior sex. When we were young and thought about our parents, it was unimaginable. Now that we are grandparents, I can still do a lot more than just imagine it.

Senior sex is not taboo.
It’s something that I subscribe to.
Our kids hate knowing
We’re still blowing and going….
Us alte cockers still like to screw!

But it is not as if it isn’t fraught with peril. For men, trying to get laid is a very difficult life long pursuit as we are up against the most formidable adversary – women. And as we age the problematic aspects increase with menopause which geometrically increases the degree of difficulty. It can be a roller coaster ride and sometimes the train is off the tracks. You just have to deal with it, and that’s not all bad.

I’ve been officially put on alert.
She told me her libido’s inert.
I said, “With your cooking skills,
Who needs carnal thrills?”
She said, “I think I’ll start making dessert


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