I don’t get it. Driving is hard enough. A 3000 lb. vehicle going 60 mph is a lethal weapon. There are a million things going on around you. WHY WOULD YOU TAKE YOURSELF AWAY FROM PAYING ATTENTION TO THE ROAD??? But it’s much more than just endangering yourself. You are putting other innocent people’s lives in jeopardy. You can destroy the lives of innocent people for what??? Meet me at Starbucks. HOW STUPID AND INCONSIDERATE CAN PEOPLE BE???

I grew up in an auto salvage yard. I have seen first hand the fatal force of an automobile. I’ve seen mangled steering columns and crushed seating compartments.

Every day I see people texting and driving. On the freeways at high speed and driving through my neighborhood where there are kids playing. I have to rage out against it.

It’s more dangerous than Russian roulette.
It will kill – on that everyone’s dead set.
Arrive alive.
It’s something you might not live to regret!